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Ludovic Senecaut

CEO/COO for international companies


Having spent over 10 years in the financial services sector as CEO and COO, I have developed a successfully track record in leading international teams which delivered outperforming growth and implemented digital transformation.

This is the result of a high ability to design a strategic vision in a collaborative way and a long experience in convincing multi-country and multidisciplinary teams about the strategy and in mobilising their energies to execute it and deliver. I did it by investing in my teams and by transforming tools and organisations to launch new business lines and new products, by conducting M&A operations and setting up JV in several countries and, when necessary, by restructuring loss making businesses.

I held board member positions in financial services companies in several countries in Europe, in the US, in Israel and in Morocco.

Prior to this, I worked 6 years at the Treasury in the French Ministry of Finances where I acted as the shareholder for the steering of the stated-owned companies in the energy sector (EDF, GDF, Areva/Orano, etc) and the telecom sector (France Télécom)

Expériences professionnelles

Directeur général belgique

MS Amlin , Bruxelles

De Avril 2020 à Aujourd'hui

Directeur général belgique

MS Amlin , Bruxelles

De Avril 2020 à Aujourd'hui


Kerudys , Saint ouen

De Février 2019 à Avril 2020


LS Conseil , Paris

De Décembre 2018 à Aujourd'hui

advisory services in business strategy and development, valuation and governance

Group coo – management board member

Euler Hermes , Courbevoie - CDI

De Avril 2016 à Février 2018

Back office / Policy administration, IT, IT security, Projects, Operational resilience, Procurement
1400 people – 48 countries

Challenges: Operational efficiency - Bringing IT and business together – Digital transformation

Main achievements Grew IT customer centricity rating to same level as Marketing: +7pts to 77%, biggest EH group increase. Enhanced IT flexibility and responsiveness through Devops organization, cloud strategy, APIs and agile methodology for projects. Significantly improved business performance in credit risk assessment through data analytics. Productivity improved via robotics and business process outsourcing.

Non-executive director in the US.

Ceo of northern and eastern europe

Euler Hermes , Bruxelles - CDI

De Janvier 2013 à Mars 2016

15 countries – M€ 550 turnover – M€ 75 gross technical result
1200 people - New business: M€ 60

challenges: Digital transformation – accelerate growth in Russia – Restructure the bonding business line

main achievements
Strategic plan for 2014-16: Improve, Lead and Be unique, Implemented numerous digital innovations: digital circles, EH Earth, transactional invoice cover and financing. Launched new products (top-up cover and SME), new distribution channels. Reached #1 market share in Russia. Set up operations in Bulgaria. Returned the bonding business to sustainable profitability. Put in place new setup for Nordics and CEE countries, harmonized hiring and induction policies.

Chairman of Solunion (JV with Mapfre for Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Argentina, €160M in sales) until mid-2014.

Non-executive director in Russia and Poland.



De Janvier 2010 à Décembre 2012

M€ 415 turnover – M€ 78 gross technical result
800 people

challenges: client win back – re-ignite growth

main achievements:
Strategic plan for 2010-13: Energies 2013 (create desire, aim for excellence and move forward together)
Market share: +5 pts in 3 years, operating profits: +10% in 3 years, best annual new production figures (2011 & 2012), best customer retention (95% in 2012), new products (top-up cover: +M€25 turnover, bonding), negotiated a partnership with Sidetrade (cash management), initiated an HR leadership programme for young talents and Form’avenir programme for under-qualified employees.

M&A: Negotiations and set up of Solunion, 50/50 JV with Mapfre for Spain and LatAm

Coo & head of international development - management board member


De Octobre 2007 à Décembre 2009

Spain, Greece, Morocco, Portugal, Turkey and Israel – Total turnover: M€ 100

challenges: Develop customer orientation – manage the economic crisis in Spain, Greece and Portugal

main achievements
Managed the economic crisis with EH being the sole player left in the Greek market and the sole player not rescued by the State in Spain. Portugal: turnaround in one year. France: negotiated the public support scheme with the Ministry of Finance for credit insurance (Cap/Cap+/Cap export) and quick & successful implementation, e-safe for clients’ documentation, advisory service desk for clients

Non-executive director in Spain, Greece, Morocco, Portugal, Turkey and Israel

Group strategy director

Euler Hermes , Courbevoie - CDI

De Février 2003 à Septembre 2007

challenges increase profitability in the US, UK, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands (turnover: M€ 650) – complete group worldwide footprint around the globe

main achievements:
Grew net income of the BUs from €13M in 2003 to €105M in 2007. Negotiated 6 M&A transactions in Belgium, Ireland, Israel, Australia, New Zealand. Divested Eurofactor, France’s largest invoice discounting company, in 2004. Created the internal reinsurance captive and reorganised the group reinsurance scheme.

Non-executive director of Eurofactor.
Non-executive director in the US, UK, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Deputy then head of the energy, telecom and mining department – treasury department of the french ministry of finance


De Février 1999 à Février 2003

Shareholder representative in 10 state owned companies in the energy, telecom and mining sectors (France Telecom, EDF, GDF, Avera, Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, Charbonnages de France, Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, BRGM, EMC, Erap)

main achievements:
Financial restructuring of France Telecom, comprising a strategic audit and proposal of a new financial strategy to the Finance Minister, €15B capital increase, negotiations with the European Commission and rating agencies. Participated in the creation of Areva (Cogema, Framatome and CEA-I merger). For EDF and GDF: preparation of the IPO, analysis and approval of budgets, M&A operations, financial operations (securitisation, energy trading, etc).

Non-executive director of Cogema, Framatome, CEA, CNR, BRGM, CdF and Erap.

Non executive director of Cogema, Framatome, CEA, CNR, BRGM, CdF and Erap

Deputy head of the developing countries department - treasury department – french ministry of finance


De Février 1997 à Février 1999

analysis of the macro economic situation of the Northen African and Middle East countries – design and implementation of the French state’s financial policy toward these countries

main achievements:
set up of the French state guarantee fund for investments in start-up companies in Morocco and Tunisia (FASEP Garantie). French representative at the World Bank pledging committees for the Palestinian Territories and at the French-Israeli committee for industrial research.

Project finance


De Juillet 1995 à Septembre 1997

Develop financial models for project finance loans in the infrastructure and energy sectors. Active participation to a B$ 4 LNG plant project in Oman for Shell (modelling, negotiation of the documentation)

Formation complémentaire

Ingénieur des Ponts et Chaussées

Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées - Economie et Finance

1994 à 1997

Parcours officiels

Polytechnique – Ingénieur – 1991


Agility for projects
Cloud services
Business Process Outsourcing
Cognitive robotics
data analytics
leading international teams
People development
internal and external communication
driving change
PnL management
international trade
invoice discounting
trade credit insurance
Energy sector insight
Telecom sector insight
Project finance