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Pierre Prévot

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Intelligence artificielle / Innovation
Plus de 10 ans
Non renseigné
- Ingénieur / Ingénieure en innovations technologiques
- Directeur / Directrice stratégique
- Consultant / Consultante en stratégie/organisation
- Non renseigné
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"Think different."
More than the motto for a hipster tech company, this mantra really defines me.
I'm the guy you want to rethink your business model, get a fresh perspective, explore further.


• Recognized forward-thinker and innovator, with a passion for science and strategy
• Expertise in organizational transformation, foresight, project portfolio management
• Good communicator and popularizer, with skills in data visualization and storytelling
• Capable of solving complex problems through conceptual and outside the box thinking
• Eager to explore novel paths to competitive edge, through differentiation and value delivery
• Advocate of technology as a means of disruption, to shift paradigms and change the game


10 years of experience
• Various positions ⋅ innovation, change management, EA, consulting, research, events
• Various industries ⋅ technology, banking, insurance, energy, events, arts
• Various environments ⋅ private sector, government, academia, nonprofit
• Various cultures ⋅ France, UK, Canada

3 master's degrees
• Engineering ⋅ Computer science ⋅ Robotics
• AI ⋅ Machine learning ⋅ Complex systems
• Innovation ⋅ Design thinking ⋅ Management


Aside from work
• I'm a concerned citizen ⋅ I enlisted to be trained as a reserve Navy officer.
• I'm a volunteer ⋅ I know I'm a lucky guy, so I'm always happy to give back to the community.
• I'm a globetrotter ⋅ I went backpacking around the world and learned from other cultures.
• I'm a continuous learner ⋅ I enjoy taking MOOCs on emerging technologies—self-driving cars, quantum computing, deep learning—, and playing with Python, Tensorflow, Docker, …
• I'm a geek ⋅ I live in the future, I have a passion for all fields of science, I love AI, robotics, NBIC, chaos theory, quantum mechanics, space exploration, future cities, flying cars, …

Learn. Explore. Create. Have fun.
Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

Expériences professionnelles

Chief of innovation


De Août 2017 à Aujourd'hui

Volunteering for a nonprofit organization
Organizing the biggest French-speaking tech conference in North America

Within the program committee, I'm in charge of selecting and booking the best international keynotes and local speakers, with a focus on innovation and disruption.
Main activities ⋅ speakers selection, contract negotiation, quality assurance, logistics

Intrapreneur ⋅ culture hacker


De Septembre 2016 à Aujourd'hui

Setting up an innovation lab within the organization

Keywords ⋅ Creativity, Innovation, Disruption, Lab, Incubator, Prototyping, Fail fast, Culture hacking

Mandated directly by VP and CIO, my mission is to:
• foster innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship amongst employees, by hacking organizational culture,
• stimulate the emergence of disruptive ideas and turn them quickly into prototypes, through fail fast paradigm and moonshot thinking,
• maximize agility, velocity and value delivery for the organization as a whole.

Enterprise architect


De Mars 2013 à Aujourd'hui

Driving organizational transformation, through EA and strategic planning

Keywords ⋅ Strategic vision and foresight, EPPM (Enterprise project portfolio management), Enterprise architecture, Agile governance, Data intelligence and visualization, DDDM (Data-driven decision making), Communication, Storytelling, Popularization

Within a multidisciplinary team of senior advisors, my mission is to support CIO and upper management with IT & organizational transformation, innovation and communication.

Main activities:
• develop and promote common long-term strategic vision throughout the organization, with a focus on delivering best value to customers,
• ensure optimal investments—$100 million annually—, by advising board of directors on project portfolio selection, through long-term strategic roadmaps and annual investment plans,
• ensure periodic accountability towards achievement of organizational strategic plan,
• define conceptual blueprint for target business and IT architecture reference models—BCM (business capability model), value streams, SOA (service oriented architecture)—,
• ensure EA compliance and agile governance within projects and business cases,
• promote adoption of innovative agile frameworks—e.g. SAFe, Spotify—,
• ensure data-driven decision making based on strategic value, ROI and other KPIs, through dashboards and other visual tools,
• communicate and popularize complex concepts, corporate orientations and organizational achievements, through visual and audio material—animated short films—and live presentations.

Examples of successful outcomes:
• enabled organization as a whole to work towards common vision and goals,
• enabled business units and upper management to build optimal project portfolio, through a sustainable process,
• enabled teams to better structure their projects, through normalized standard tools,
• enabled board of directors to visualize and communicate on delivered value.

Parcours officiels

Polytechnique – Master – 2005


Français - Bilingue

Anglais - Bilingue

Espagnol - Courant


Deep learning
Innovation Management
artificial intelligence
Digital transformation
Complex Systems

Centres d'intérêt

  • NBIC
  • Innovation